Spring-FloodSpring has arrived. Well, sort of. The weather continues chilly and damp, and decidedly gray.

This morning we listened, as we usually do, to Harmonia via our local Public Radio station. Today’s program explored the music of composers killed or affected by the Plague.

This set me to thinking about Polio. Polio was a plague – or rather remains a plague, as it is making a comeback. For those of you who came of age after the mid-fifties, missing the plague years, it may come as a surprise to learn that Polio terrified North Americans for decades. Continue reading

Polio As Presence

Spring-ThawI have spent much of the past few months addressing Polio related issues. Working with a Polio knowledgeable therapist has helped me revisit the illness and its aftermath, understand some of the new challenges I, and other Polios face, and acknowledge some of the losses associated with Polio. The therapist has given me information to read and poked sore areas of my psyche with skill and kindness. Continue reading


receeding-snowYesterday the temperature rose into the 50’s. I managed to spend a few minutes outside; it was delightful! The snow is melting, especially on south-facing areas.

I wore several layers of clothing and felt comfortable. Others were in shirtsleeves. I need those extra layers still.


We finally have a maple sap run! With luck the weather will cooperate and the season will be generous.

It has seemed a long winter, and I, like most everyone I know, am ready for warmer weather. As we are in April, the warmth will come and go, flirting with us. Still, receding snow, clear sidewalks, and the occasional warm day are all welcome changes!



Illness as Journey

tracks-in-the-snowI’ve been recovering from some health issues. This has meant a good deal of time at home, and seemingly innumerable trips to see one specialist or another. I guess this is par for the course for aging.

Illness creates a dual journey: interior and exterior. The external journeys are in themselves diverse. One travels to appointments, near and far. One journeys with family members as they traverse the altered landscape of their lives, landscapes changed by you, intentionally or not. Continue reading


Fresh-SnowJourneys take many forms. Lately I have been submerged in reading, each book exploring unique territory. Often I find myself reading books that share common themes, even as they explore differing landscapes. The books I write about below share themes of travel, community, and the search for meaning. Continue reading

Whose story?

Winter ViewA few flakes of snow in the air today. We awoke to a skiff on the ground, just enough to whiten the grass here and there. The day has been dark and cloudy, with infrequent bursts of sun.

We are in that week between my birthday and Thanksgiving. Next week is all about family. The past week has been focused on the arts, particularly Playback Theatre, as Jennie hosted this years board retreat for the Centre. Friday night I finally attended a concert by Ethel. What a delightful way to spend an evening! This week we see a new puppetry work by Sandglass Theater, and host an evening of shared storytelling.

Any number of conversations arose out of these events, reminding me how hungry I am for rich connection and deeply shared thought. Most of the conversations explored issues of representation; several focusing on problems that arise as a result of misrepresentation. Continue reading

A Chilly November Day

Late afternoon, NovemberIt has been a good while since I last posted. The past few weeks have been hectic.

When I posted back in late September we were still more in summer mode than autumn. Now we await winter. Last night was in the low 20’s F, today in the low 30’s. The sun hangs close to the horizon throughout the day. We are fewer than six weeks away from Christmas. Continue reading

Emergent Universe Oratorio Blues

Coach Barn, Shelburne FarmsLast Sunday we traveled down to Shelburne Farms for the world premiere of the Emergent Universe Oratorio, composed by Sam Guarnaccia.  The Oratorio is a work that re-imagines the dominant culture’s physics-based creation narrative, and seeks to universalize the story. Before the Oratorio we were treated to the playing of Eugene Friesen, of Paul Winter Consort fame. New Paintings, created for the event, by our friend, the marvelous artist, Cameron Davis, graced the walls in the remarkable, “cathedral-like” Breeding Barn. Continue reading

Late Summer Plenty

Late Summer PlentyIt’s Monday morning following a nearly-perfect late summer weekend. Last night the clouds came in and rain fell. This morning is murky, that deep into the season darkness saturated with potential wet. The garden is lush; the bok choi has bloomed after feeding us delicious leaves and stems for the past six weeks. Continue reading