More Grief for Tribal People In India

Banyan ForestOne of the most disturbing trends I have noticed while in India this trip is the rise of violence against woman and Indigenous people. Here is an example of institutionalized violence against Native people. Conditions for Native people in India were difficult and deteriorating two years ago. They appear much worse now. Of course, this is in line with events over much of the world. Please voice your concerns to the Indian government.

From Intercontinental Cry:

India opens the floodgates for extinguishment of Indigenous Rights

By • Feb 22, 2013

India’s central government has walked away from its position on the need to obtain consent from Indigenous peoples and forest dwellers before handing their lands over to industry.

On February 15, the central government announced that major “linear projects” such as roads, railways, transmission lines, canal systems and pipelines do not need to obtain consent from affected forest populations before clearing their lands. The announcement, which stands in sharp contrast to provisions in the Forest Rights Act, could now make way for hundreds of new industrial projects that would have never otherwise seen the light of day.

“This is serious breach of trust and a huge step back in ensuring the dignity and survival of traditional forest-dwelling people across the country”, said Dr. Swati Shresth, from the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment. “Forests are going to be cleared to make way for a particular kind of economic development; it will adversely impact communities and the environment.”

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