Despair and Climate Change

Crow Addresses the DcksToday is a warm, humid day in Chennai. Back home in Vermont, the last couple of weeks, very much like the winter to date, have been on the warm side. It seems clear from recent climate data that global climate change is proceeding much more rapidly than scientists predicted or we imagined.

Sadly, world governments seem little interested in the impending catastrophe. Even when the “problem” of climate change is mentioned, there appears little will to address the issue. Rather, any substantive change is put away in preference for more study.

I find this heartbreaking. I also know that eventually this too shall pass, although it might take 100,000 years for the climate to return to something like the climate we know. By then, even should human beings still be around, many of the organisms we know and love will not be. There will, however, be an abundance of mosquitoes.

For much of her life Joanna Macy has worked to help people feel empowered in the face of despair. I believe her message of hope is needed now more than ever. Keeping heart in the face of indifference and greed is an enormous task, every bit as large as addressing climate change.


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