Another View of Idle No More

Autumn SunsetHere is a reblog of a post from Renee Holt at 4theloveofthe people. Idle No More looks very different in the heart of Indian Country than it does here in Vermont. As one might expect, the issues facing Native people are somewhat different here. Yet the underling questions of personhood and sovereignty are unifying, as is our concern for Our Mother the Earth. In a post titled To Be Or Not To Be Idle No More Renee writes:

From its inception, I’m certain there were Indigenous people in our community who were skeptical of the Idle No More grassroots Peoples movement. It almost seems natural that we have those in our community who will stand by and watched with skepticism while others join in a movement for the People.

I thought I would state in this long over due 2013 blog, today is Day 41 of Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike. Not only is she protesting peacefully, she is strong with our creator. Within the Indigenous community we are taught, when one is fasting, one is also strong with the creator. Chief Spence is in a prayerful place conducting interviews, reading current affairs, and has awakened a sleeping giant. Since the first day she declared her hunger strike, Idle No More has become something more for First Nations people in the Canadian provinces, but also Natives across reservations in the US.

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