We’re Still Here

“Confirmation” by Julie Buffalohead (2009), NMAI, NYC

We think often about survival. Being a Jewish/Scott/Native American/Welsh family, genocide is always present. Last night we held our annual Ancestors Ceremony. The event is public, and draws folks from throughout the community. Often genocide is an explicit presence. This year’s festivities were quieter, more playful. Many of those remembered passed recently.

Still, continuity remained a theme. Today I chanced upon the following blog post from Dancing With Colonization. I hope you enjoy it.

Resiliency and Transformation

There’s an ache inside of me today and it’s not a painful one, it isn’t uncomfortable, and I don’t want to wish it away. When I prod and poke this feeling and try to discover the source of it, I sense it is an acknowledgment of the resilience of our people.

They say the body remembers. My blood runs with memories of ancestors who struggled and triumphed. Who dared to exist when the white world around them told them they didn’t have a right to live as they were.

We, as Indigenous people, are brilliantly beautiful and resilient beyond measure. Our languages still make homes in our Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s mouths even after the tongue was silenced with a language that weighed heavy upon the tongue and spirit.

We are still here.

Think about that. Read More.

Learn more about Julie Buffalohead’s work!

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