Carol MacDonald: Celebrating Forty Years of Creativity and Artistry

Carol McDonald in her studio

Our good friend Carol MacDonald has been making art and teaching for over forty years. More than that, she has been making very fine art for over forty years.This summer, her career is being celebrated with a large scale retrospective at VCAM.  Walk into the building and follow seemingly endless walls of masterful work. Cudos to VCAm!

Carol has been a guest artist in my classes a number of times, along with another friend, Diane Gabriel. Often, students have not met a woman who has made painting and printmaking a career, nor seen a large body of work created by such an artist. Neither have they seen work that arises from the lived experiences of the artist, rather than a more competitive or academic perspective. Without fail, the young women in my classes are awed, excited, and inspired. Often many of the young men follow suit. Take a look at her work!

The other day I stopped into Carol’s studio, high above the Winooski River, to take some photos for this blog post. Enjoy!


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