Snow or No Snow?

The cold has finally arrived, and a skiff of snow lays on the ground.

That said, the forecast for Wednesday is for rain, then a turn toward cold again. We are keeping a collective eye on possible Christmas weekend storm. Will it occur? Will it run too far south of us? Keep your fingers crossed.

The warmth has everyone thinking about climate change.

The likelihood is that we shall see more frequent lingering autumns and far fewer what Christmases, even in the relatively near term. For Vermont, a state heavily dependent upon tourism, this seems an ill omen. We are, collectively, doing what we are able, yet one wonders just how much 600,000 odd persons can do in the face of global behaviors.

Last weekend was the last Farmers’ Market before the Holidays.

We attended. Coming and going involved very steep sidewalks and ramps. I was using the walker. This turned out to be something of an adventure as there was just enough ice on surfaces to make footing challenging. This reminded me of the down side of winter: ice. I’m undecided as to which mode of transportation works best in icy conditions, crutches or walker. Perhaps the answer is neither, although both seem better than using no assertive devices.

So I find myself hoping for snow, while dreading the inevitable ice that comes with it. I have friends and clients who openly wish we all lived in rural Florida. Yet there are really solid reasons I want to live HERE. One of those is although I hate being cold, I love winter, with all it’s challenges.

Do you have thoughts on this?



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