Spring is finally here! This morning we have sun! Actually, we have had sun for a couple of days now. This follows nearly eight inches of rain during April, which, accompanied by snow melt resulted in much flooding.

Grades are nearly ready to pass in…..

Tonight we attend a belated community Sedar, honoring the local refuge communities.

Somehow, I missed Blogging Against Disability Day. I’m not sure how that happened. Oh, bother…. Visit the site and read the many posts from around the world.

Here is a lovely post by Mom on the Side,  who wrote about a reunion, and posted splendid photos of the event. Here is an excerpt.

Very excited today not because of the Royal Wedding but because Kristine came to visit we haven’t seen her for years and had completely lost touch.

It was so great for the girls to catch up and find out what the other has been doing. They have both grown so much in the last 4 years and there have been challenges and changes for both of them . Kristine is the only other girl we know like Chelsea and I was so happy that they bonded immediately. There was lots of sharing, talking and laughter.

They are the same age but ironically Chelsea who is British goes to the American School and Kristine who is American goes to the British School Tanglin so their paths may never have crossed if they both hadn’t done their FHC at St Ignatius….

This set me to thinking about how much of a drain my Polio and recovery must have been for my already overworked, and cash short parents. I also thought about my sister who went to live with relatives for several months so my parents could try to deal with the demands of caring for me. I deeply appreciate them all.

Being spring, my brain fog has intensified along with the fatigue. Sometimes we manage to get away to a warm place for a few days during the winter, which makes an enormous difference in my pain and energy levels. This year we did not. Thus, the fog has rolled in and seems intent on staying. Blogeration wrote about her experience with “Brain Fog”. Here is a bit of her post:

My renown loquaciousness abandoned me the instant I tried to write essays, leaving me slumped over the keyboard and close to tears, struggling to recall the sentence I had formed in my head ten seconds ago.

Is that familiar or what?!

I hope Spring has come to your neighborhood, wherever you may live. Blessings!

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5 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Thanks Michael for reading about Chelsea and Kristine – look forward to reading more about your story and thankyou for sharing your experience with us. Will check in often.

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