Disability, Oppression and Inaccessibility

Bureaucracies, including insurance companies, exist to perpetuate themselves rather than serve constituents. Nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of disability. This past week I found a couple of posts that struck me as especially poignant. Both approach disability as a social process of marginalization that often robs disabled persons of meaningful livelihood, impoverishes, and erodes our self-esteem.

I am reminded of a time back in the early 90?s when I was a single mom struggling to make ends meet. I was working three jobs and raising my son with NO gov’t assistance. I went to the county to apply for just a little help, the response? I made too much money. I was literally told to quit one of my jobs to be eligible. I am now in the same boat – except if I quit, we’ll be on the street and homeless in a month. My husband is upset and helpless, he watches me come home from work in pain, take a pain pill and be bed ridden until the next day when I scrape myself up to do it all over again. What the hell kind of life is this?

via The Dirty Pillow Sacks.

…. But I don’t understand how we get from the
individual experience of pain and fear to the systems of social
oppression and inaccessibility that dominate our daily interactions
with each other.

Wheelchair Dancer

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