To Market

It’s spring, almost summer in Vermont. For the past month we have been purchasing and planting new perennials, annuals, and vegetables. The perennials went in first. They are hardy and can withstand late freezes and, even, snows; following a warm early spring, we had both this year. We maintain several mixed flower beds, and add to them each year. As is true throughout much of the Northeastern United States, the flower beds are at their finest in spring and early summer.

This year, our annual spring odyssey began one wet, chill Saturday morning, about a month ago.  That morning we found our way to our favorite plant sale. We went with the intention of buying a few plants to fill specific holes in our landscaping dreams, but of course, came home with more plants than we had intended.

The sale took place in a local park, on very wet grass. As much as I might have liked to use only one crutch, so as to have a free hand, the weather conditions, as well as the plant-focused crowd made that impossible. Fortunately, the plant sale staff were generous in helping us transport plants to our car, and no one pilfered from our unguarded, and unmarked, pile of plants while we looked and collected.

This past weekend we bought what are likely our last plants of the season. Our community has several excellent farmers’ markets. The downtown Saturday market brings people, locals and tourists, out in hordes, to purchase veggies, plants, baked goods, ethnic food, and excellent arts and crafts. Memorial Day weekend is the time, in most of Vermont, to plant vulnerable necessities such as peppers and tomatoes. Thus, early Saturday morning, along with hundreds of others, we headed for the market.

The market, in decent weather, is a challenging place for anyone on crutches. People are in fine mood, and there is much opportunity to interact with friends, vendors, and yes, even strangers. There is much to see, taste, and hear. No one’s attention is on folks using crutches, or even wheelchairs. This makes traversing the market challenging. One is almost assured of being jostled, or at least bumped, repeatedly. When shopping alone, I use one crutch so as to be able to carry shopping bags, and handle transactions with a free hand. In desperate moments, I may not use crutches at all, a foolhardy maneuver for someone unsteady on their feet. Its not that folks are unkind, they are just other focused.

Anyway, the plants are in, the gardens are abloom, and the weather is summery. What more can one ask?

By the way, the lovely yarns (Yes, I am a former weaver!) are by Stephanie Rivulette.

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